Heidi Wetzel is an award-winning local fiber artist and basket-weaver. She originally came from Germany as a teenager and now lives and weaves in Easton in Maryland. She uses unique and indigenous materials, as well as materials she brings back from her many travels. She works in her studio located at her house. Her work can be seen at the many local studios listed on the  Upcoming Events or Blog page.

Her work ranges from traditional, sculptured, to contemporary. She is often inspired by nature, and her sculptures can serve as colorful and decorative highlights for a wall or a table. Some of her sculptures are utilitarian while others are purely decorative. With her wall hangings, she tries to create "pictures" or scenes from nature.

Her work reflects the beauty she sees in the world around her and the natural surroundings here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

I like to mix textures and patterns when creating woven baskets and woven sculptures in my art, and often combine with bark, grasses, sisal, seagrass, yarn, ribbons, and anything else that lends itself to weaving. I especially like to use materials from nature, which also includes driftwood, bones, feathers, turtle shells, acorns, pine cones, and so many other things. The possibilities are unlimited ~ Heidi Wetzel

Woven Sculptures & Baskets